Reading Response 7

What is privacy and does it exist anymore? Privacy is different to each person. This day in age there is very little privacy left to be had. Data mining gathers all of the information we put out there in many different forms. Living off the grid is practically unheard of anymore because it has become almost impossible. The collection and mining of data is a double edged sword to some people.

There are people who accept that data collection and mining happens and they go on with their lives with less concern of any potential for harm. Instead they see the benefits as outweighing the negatives. One example of a huge benefit in an article by Evan Selinger is terrorists.

Data mining isn’t new. It’s been going on for centuries but with the growth in technology exposing the usage of this data more people are fearful of it. Kate Murphy explains “…people are coming to understand how their online data might be used against them. You might not get a job, a loan or a date because of an indiscreet tweet of if your address on Google Street View shows your brother-in-law’s clunker in the driveway” (2014). This is a reality. What we do online or in the eye line of technology can be used for or against us in the future.

Since we have learned that what we do online can affect us you would think we would be more careful with our behavior but that isn’t always the case. Some people know people are watching and still don’t hold back while others are more careful and thoughtful in their behaviors. People have opened their lives up to the data mining world because ultimately in the end they enjoy what they get out of it.

The fear of what can or has happened with the use of technology is more real to some than it is to others. Selinger explains that paranoia is an unfair term that is used when referring to people like Nicholas Carr. He says” It’s particularly troubling because versions of the rhetoric are routinely applied to technology critics to unduly strip their skepticism of legitimacy” (2014). Selinger also explains that “Without technology critics, our conversations about technology would be too rosy to lead to the good decisions Bustillos presupposes we’re making all the time” (2014). The supporters and the ones who question technology all help it grow and improve.

Technology that we use today is still a new world that is being explored. In time through trial and error it will develop with the goal of becoming better than it is now. The concerns of people who fear technology will be taken into account along with those who promote it. People have grown to enjoy technology even if they are fearful because it has become a part of our lives.


Murphy, K. (2014). We want privacy, but can’t stop sharing. The New York Times.

Selinger, E. (2014). Why it’s too easy to dismiss technology critics: Or, the fallacies leading to a reviewer

to call Nicholas Carr paranoid. Forbes.


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