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Technology has spread into almost all areas of our lives. A consistently growing amount of information is available to us with just the touch of a finger or even the sound of our voice. It’s made everyday tasks quicker and easier to accomplish allowing more time for other activities. We can calculate calories, read a book, manage bank accounts, play games, check the stock market at any time. Technology is changing the way students learn and the tools available in education.

The article “Implications of Shifting Technology in Education” addresses the potential of technology in education now and up to five years into the future. Technology allows for a different type of classroom. The classroom can be at a traditional school, at home in front of the computer, in the car while traveling or many other options. Technology opens doors for diverse learners, assistance with special needs, and global learning environments. Janet and John Holland describe the possible outcome of allowing technology in education by saying “Using integrated curriculums, team teaching, media rich instructional technologies, forming partnerships, and fostering innovation, we can create knowledge and skills to prepare learners to work in future markets” (2014). The use of technology in education provides skills not only with technology but socially and with other cultures.

The student’s world of education has greatly expanded. Technology allows students to collaborate much easier with one another and receive feedback instantly. Teachers can become more of a support system for students as they utilize technology for their assignments. Students are able to do more hands on learning as they are researching the topics they are studying and work at a pace that is more suitable to their learning. While they are using technology to do their work they expand their knowledge and understanding of the topic more effectively.

Technology offers more toward education than I ever knew was possible. This article is filled with a tremendous amount of benefits for education through the use of technology. There are many different learning styles and technology can be tailored to work with the various styles. It can be used as a tutor if needed. Technology allows the student an opportunity at self learning. The possibilities are endless and the intended result is someone prepared to work and succeed in a globally competitive economy.


Holland, J., & Holland, J. (2014). Implications of Shifting Technology in Education.Techtrends: Linking Research & Practice To Improve Learning, 58(3), 16-25. doi:10.1007/s11528-014-0748-3


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