Thoughts regarding digital natives/digital imigrants

The terms digital natives and digital immigrants seem to be stereotypical. Apparently if you’re born 1980 or later you are considered a digital native but if you were born prior to that you’re a digital immigrant. At first hearing these terms I assumed they meant anyone considered to be a digital native was born when technology began to take off and became common in schools, offices, and homes. That seems pretty true in some places throughout the world depending on how parents raised their children and what type of technology they were exposed to during their childhood. However it doesn’t mean that everyone exposed understood it, knew how it operated, or how to use it. Besides people born prior to 1980 were the ones who created and developed it. Digital native and digital immigrants like many stereotypes don’t provide a true representation of what they really are.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts regarding digital natives/digital imigrants

  1. I think what’s so interesting about this topic is that some people WANT to be considered digital natives- because it lends them some kind of credibility, where as other people take pride in not being native. so strange.


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